Sunday, February 19, 2012

Gyumon Yakiniku in Makati Creekside Mall

Been so busy the past few weeks (but feels like months) that I haven't been able to post much restaurant escapades lately. Found a little downtime this Sunday to finally upload some photos that I have had lying around in the iPhone and iPad (this photo-streaming between devices is stressing me out, really).

Danny is currently in New York, and prior to his flight, we had dinner last Thursday. We ate in one of our usual haunts, Gyumon Yakiniku in Makati Creekside Mall.

We both love this place, because of its wide array of sets, and their very affordable add-ons. I love the service salad that they serve also.

I was about to take a picture of our meal when I was stopped by the waitress. Apparently, management is pretty strict about taking pictures of the dishes, because competitors might copy it. I'm not worried, really, because as far as Danny and I are concerned, they are the best yakiniku in Makati.

So, I spent the entire time pretending I was texting on the iPhone, when I was really stealing shots of the food. So this is my first foray in something illegal (not quite illegal, really).

Here's a picture of the colorful plate that the restaurant uses.

Gyumon is the sister-restaurant of another yakiniku Danny and I have tried in Malate, Ryuen. They also have Ryuen in Makati Creekside Mall. The difference between the two is the grill. Gyumon uses a smokeless charcoal grill, while Ryuen uses a smokeless electric grill. The servers say that the charcoal grill gives the meat more flavor, if you want to risk smelling of smoke after dinner.

Here's a picture of the grill of Gyumon. Very clean, compared to, *ick, Yakimix.

We ordered the Eringi Karubi for starters. The mushrooms were perfect! They were moist and tender!

Our main course was a platter of their best sellers, Best Seller Santen, which is composed of Jo Karubi, Gyutan, and Harumi. That's two types of sliced beef, and liver. YUM!

Danny also ordered Hotategai, scallops, which proved to be a bit of a disappointment as it was aged and frozen. Taste isn't that bad though.

The treat for the night was their ground beef sashimi! It was only PhP 280.00, but it was very, very good!

I love Gyumon. In the past year, we have gone here twice, which is a good number, considering that Danny and I really get around, when it comes to eating.

If you need to contact them, here are their numbers for everyone's reference:

Gyumon Yakiniku
Mezzanine, Makati Creekside Mall
Amorsolo Street, Legaspi Village,

I suggest you call and reserve tables. This place is such a hit with Japanese expats, it can get pretty difficult to get a booth even during weekdays.

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